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2/17/2016 – NEWS – Bebiak Appointed to SHSMD Executive Strategies Task Force – “Greenspire Leader Center is pleased to announce that Jack Bebiak, managing partner, has been appointed to the 2016 Executive Strategies Task Force of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD). This is the second-consecutive year Bebiak will serve in this role.”

1/13/2016 – BLOG – Be the Best: A Governance Perspective – “As a member of hospital or health system governance, have you asked recently, “Why aren’t we the best?” Or, more positively posed, “What will it take for us to be the best?” Operating our organizations is not an easy task. Achieving superior performance is a real challenge…”

5/15/2015 – BLOG – Seeing the Big Picture Opportunity“Opportunity comes in all shapes, sizes—and quite often, when you least expect it.  But maybe that is because often we can become so focused on the task at hand, or the role we are supposed to play, that we forget to see the big picture…”

4/7/2015 – BLOG – Collaboration is King – “Thanks to Isaac “Ike” Coe, former CEO of Murray-Calloway County Hospital in Kentucky, the power of utilizing collaborating firms was realized in 2003 via the development and execution of a strategic plan. Mr. Coe leveraged the depth of four specialty firms…”