The Greenspire Difference

The Greenspire Linden tree is a legendary tree thought in some cultures to symbolize divine power, love and luck. Among its characteristics is the ability to prosper in difficult and variable conditions while producing reliable shade so the environment around it may flourish.

Moved by the attributes of this magnificent tree the Greenspire Leader Center sees those same characteristics as vital for today’s healthcare leaders. Our vision is to be a catalyst for developing and inspiring healthcare leaders in today’s challenging environment.

Greenspire was formed in response to healthcare leaders in governance, management and care delivery roles who are passionate about their work and want proven and responsive support to be successful within the complexities of healthcare. Specifically, healthcare leaders want to access best of practice services on an as needed basis from pre-credentialed firms, with a record of collaborating effectively with others and modifying their approaches in optimizing success unique to the individual, team or organization.

The Greenspire Difference is in what we do and how we do it.

Triaging Organizational Needs

Greenspire draws upon a knowledge base of research and experience to assist your organization in identifying its leadership development needs. We ensure initiatives are managed within a unified framework and that priorities are established, timelines are in sync, and resources are utilized judiciously.

Facilitating communication, innovation and accountability between workgroups is what we do. Staying focused on the rediscovery, results delivery, and relationship building is how we do it.

Tailored Solutions for Complex Initiatives

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to organizational challenges in healthcare. Greenspire leverages the relationships you have with your key trusted advisors and complements these with a virtual network. This ensures access to best practices across a wide range of disciplines.

Greenspire Leader Center builds a unique work team of experts tailored to the specific needs of your organization. This ensures delivery of a customized approach that works for you.

At Greenspire Leader Center our mission is to provide organizations valued and trusted assistance in leadership development and performance improvement services.


Our goal is to help clients understand their challenges and frame engagements to meet those challenges. We work with clients to understand the real business issues driving their need. We then create a custom designed engagement to meet those needs and execute our plan to maximize timelines and efficiencies. Our engagements are important to us and our plans are continually monitored and modified as necessary to meet our client’s need. Our client’s feedback is vital so we can assure the best results are attained.