Seeing the Big Picture of Opportunity

Jack_webby Jack Bebiak, managing partner, Greenspire Leader Center

Opportunity comes in all shapes, sizes—and quite often, when you least expect it.  But maybe that is because often we can become so focused on the task at hand, or the role we are supposed to play, that we forget to see the big picture.

Recently I was fortunate enough to have attended the Michigan Rural Health Conference as both a presenter and an exhibitor, on behalf of Greenspire. With many talented healthcare professionals at the conference, the opportunity to turn a conversation into a business opportunity was promising.

So as the exhibitor portion of the conference began, I knew my role and I had my task at hand—listening to concerns with attendees, understanding their interests in Greenspire and gaining a prospective client or two. The attendees were fun, engaging, and led to two meaningful findings:

1. As the foot traffic slowed in front of my exhibitor space, I was able to take advantage of the downtime by meeting many of our fellow exhibitors. Networking with the other exhibitors enabled us to take a step back and look at the big picture. The room was filled with many of the best healthcare firms and systems, and they were eager for collaboration within the Greenspire model. We have three critical follow-up meetings with several key firms as well as client prospects.

2. Following our case study presentation, “Transforming Core Services, While Making Money,” attendees sought us out to say, “I get it. Yes, Greenspire is a best-of-class collaborative network, but the standout feature is the focus on nurturing the professional growth of the onsite leaders.

We continually find that leaders – who are overwhelmed addressing the most challenging issues and deadlines – need, want, and respect that Greenspire Leader Center includes them as a person in need of support and nourishment.