• Discuss & Discover - Knowledge

    Share and problem-solve with credentialed exceptional leaders, firms and solution providers
  • Advanced Skills – Capabilities

    New perspectives to resolve chronic concerns and refocus on new priorities
  • Interim Executive - Performance Upgrade

    New perspectives to resolve chronic concerns and refocus on new priorities
  • Executive Talent - Search & Development

    Optimize finding, on-boarding, developing & retaining exceptional leaders
  • Complex Initiatives & Processes – Execution

    Deploy experienced coaches & proven processes for better results sooner

What is Leadership?

Some suggest the path to leadership is to focus on who you are and develop those traits identified with great leaders. These traits are credibility, integrity, humility, consistency, courage, trustworthiness, loyalty, and discipline.

Others suggest the path to exceptional leadership comes through the development of skill sets that are necessary to drive an organization. These skills sets are communication, accountability, alignment, vision, strategic, competence, team building, execution, empowerment, and results delivery.

At Greenspire, we believe that both traits and skill sets are essential to the development of exceptional leadership. Furthermore, leadership is not a role, but a choice. That choice begins with a high level of self-awareness, a commitment to lifelong learning, and access to a professional network that takes a consultative approach in addressing your needs.

Promoting a Leadership Culture in your Organization

In healthcare, the “Leadership Difference” is what separates success from the rest. Greenspire Leader Center partners to connect individuals, teams, and organizations with the most qualified resources to enhance leadership development and performance.

Greenspire is a virtual collaborative of 30 best-in-class firms and programs formed to serve healthcare leaders in governance, management and care delivery roles. Our national network is comprised of transformational leaders from healthcare, telecom, automotive, and the banking industry.

Research and experience confirm the costs of uncertainty, indecisiveness, and inertia to any organization. As a solution, we provide decision makers with a continuum of credentialed national programs, services and experts. This enables your organization to achieve greater and sustainable improvements through enriched leadership capabilities and processes.