The mission of Greenspire Solutions is to develop and propel organizational leaders while providing unique solutions to the challenges they face related to healthcare. This means working alongside employers to reduce their healthcare spend, working with innovation companies to introduce new services to the healthcare market, and working with health systems to provide cost-reduction strategies.



The depth of our network means that we will select the right expert for your project based on the size of your company, the scope of the work and the challenge you are facing. Our network partners are pre-credentialed and operate according to Baldrige Principles.



Transparency is paramount when it comes to addressing your challenges and providing solutions. Our proven track record of helping clients be successful means we are willing to go at-risk for reimbursements, something not found  often in the consulting business. We pride ourselves on a strong record of trust with our clients and the ability to deliver results.


The collaboration of our network means that we coordinate integrated solutions by choosing the right network partners to work on your project. In many cases, our network partners have experience working together on projects which results in an efficient and expedited workflow, leading to quicker results.


To help you decide if Greenspire Solutions might be a good fit for your project, we’ve compiled a list of the top questions or concerns our prospects had before they became clients. 

Who does Greenspire compare to in the industry in terms of engagement time value and cost?

Greenspire Solutions is able to respond quickly to requests for consulting expertise. The Greenspire network of credentialed partners allows us to bring the needed resources to the assignment in a timely manner.  Greenspires’ collaborative assessment of needs with the client and willingness to go at risk for reimbursement makes for a timely cost effective engagement.

What are the requirements to become a Greenspire Solutions Network Partner?

Greenspire partners must have a proven track record of success in their area of expertise, be willing to go through a credentialing process, and operate according to Baldrige Principles. The ability to work collaboratively with other Greenspire Partners is also a priority.

What are some examples of large and small engagements?

Greenspire has served clients from an international health services provider headquartered in the United Kingdom to meeting the employee health engagement needs of a truck sales and service company with 150 employees with offices in three states.   

What is so unique about your collaborative network?

The depth of network, talent and skills – from physician clinical leaders to IT data analytics experts.

What processes do you use for Healthcare Strategies and Healthcare Solutions?

  • System integration processes
  • Value based payer solutions
  • Employee health engagement programs
  • Health system sponsored health plans for employer engagement and market share growth

What is the value difference created by your collaborative approach to engagement versus traditional or client staffed?

Our ability to determine client needs in a timely manner and bring the appropriate resources to the assignment for success. Our willingness to contract at risk and be reimbursed for measurable results.

What are the values that drive your organization?

Transparency, trust, strong record of results delivery. Commitment to deliver value to every engagement that also involves organizational leadership development.


Greenspire Solutions includes a network of more than


Credentialed partners must be in the top 20% of their field.

Greenspire partners must have demonstrated effective use and investment in new technological service improvement.

Credentialed partners must have a track record of effectively collaborating with other experts with the best interests of the client in mind.

Credentialed partners must have a history of, and be committed to, advancing leadership capabilities throughout the engagement.

Credentialed partners operate with no exclusivity. Our partners compete for the client’s choice and best fit.


Greenspire Solutions is here to help. No matter your healthcare challenge, we invite you to give us a call at 317-733-9138 or fill out the information below so that we can follow up and share an introductory, solution-building conversation.