As our name suggests, we provide solutions to the complex challenges facing employers, innovation companies, and health systems. Greenspire Solutions uses a network of credentialed partners to address your challenges and create a unique solution.

Whether you are a manufacturing company with 150 employees looking to reduce health care spend, an innovation start-up looking to expand your network,  or an international health services provider looking to reduce costs, Greenspire Solutions has the experience and the network to deliver results.



Healthcare spend and employee health engagement are two of the most critical strategies that determine whether an employer is successful or not. Both impact the bottom line, but are often overlooked as something the company doesn’t feel they have a lot of control over.

Greenspire Solutions has worked with numerous employers, in a variety of industries, to help implement healthcare spend reduction strategies. Whether it is ensuring you take advantage of the options avialable from your current provider, finding supplemental providers, or switching providers altogether, Greenspire Solutions has the experience to help reduce your healthcare spend.

Additionally, Greenspire Solutions has a track record of success in helping employers improve attendance, productivity, and employee retention – all of which are proven to reduce your healthcare spend.


Whether you are a start-up or an established company, introducing a new product, service, or technology can be challenging without the right connections. Greenspire Solutions has the connections.

With an expansive network of collaborating partners, and as a trusted resource to employers and health systems for years, Greenspire Solutions has the ability to connect you to the people who are looking for the solution that your innovation provides.



Greenspire Solutions offers innovative solutions to improve performance undervalue and risk-based payment models through Population Health Management.

In most cases, small rural hospitals face the same challenges as an integrated statewide system – it’s just a matter of scale. Leadership is hesitant to implement process and clinical integration. Cost reduction strategies are met with opposition. And it’s difficult to increase market share with local employers if you don’t have data and proven results to back your claims.

Greenspire Solutions has experience working with health systems – big and small – to connect them with industry experts with the experience, tools and data to provide results.


Employer Health Plan Sustained Savings & Workforce Value

Provided the evidence and implementation support to 3,500 employee multi-state company that was performing in the top 5% of employer health plan performance; resulting in an 11% initial reduction in cost within months, with the existing broker and pharmacy benefits manager.

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IT-AI Transformational Technologies Adoption and Use

Facilitated the strategies and implementation solutions for multi-country adoption with a leading international health technologies company with leading-ledge Chronic Condition therapies via Virtual Reality-Artificial Intelligence that halves the cost of care while doubling the health-life value to patients.

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Community Quality of Life: Health and Wellness Improvement

A Greenspire Solutions partner began his involvement in June 2019 with a rural county of 45,000 residents by committing to assist with the development of a comprehensive collaborative opioid prevention, treatment and recovery plan for the county funded by a HRSA grant. 

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Greenspire Solutions is here to help. No matter your healthcare challenge, we invite you to give us a call at 317-473-3088 or fill out the information below so that we can follow up and share an introductory, solution-building conversation.