Employer Health Plan Sustained Savings & Workforce Value

Provided the evidence and implementation support to 3,500 employee multi-state company that was performing in the top 5% of employer health plan performance; resulting in an 11% initial reduction in cost within months, with the existing broker and pharmacy benefits manager.

The founding and lead company of a regional employer health alliance, with 20 members, functioning at the Top 5% of best health plan performance; requested Greenspire’s review to verify performance and identify opportunities for plan cost & value going forward.

This member with 3,500 employs engaged Greenspire to evaluate three areas of concern:

  1. Improve ESOP employee engagement & utilization of Health Plan services
  2. Identify & recommend cost of care & outcomes improvement for top Chronic Health Conditions

Over a six-month period, utilizing medical specialists in Chronic Condition outcomes management, pharma benefits, predictive analytics, and employee health engagement firms from with the Greenspire Network; the Greenspire Team recommendations, resulted in an 11% initial reduction in cost within months.

Working with company leaders, benefit providers, broker and pharmacy benefits manager, the following management accepted recommended specific actions were accomplished jointly, without disrupting existing health plan relationships:


  1. Employee Engagement & Use – Initiated an employee health engagement-prevention insured program, individualized to each employee & family that demonstrated immediate savings while reducing actual claims cost by 2% per year. Revised employee use, access, and follow-up specific to special benefit offerings in the health plan design.
  2. Pharma Services – Corrected PBM Agreement rebate provisions to the employer along with new contract performance standards, implemented a physician-based clinical pharma cost savings program, and improved employee service ease & use knowledge.
  3. Chronic Condition Care Management – Provided RN based individualized coaching, remote services for employees that improved outcomes while reducing claims and pharma spend by 18%. Also initiated concurrent review process for hospitalized & high-risk enrollees and streamlined the Company’s predictive analytics and implemented actions process.


IT-AI Transformational Technologies Adoption and Use

Facilitated the strategies and implementation solutions for multi-country adoption with a leading international health technologies company with leading-ledge Chronic Condition therapies via Virtual Reality-Artificial Intelligence that halves the cost of care while doubling the health-life value to patients.

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Community Quality of Life: Health and Wellness Improvement

A Greenspire Solutions partner began his involvement in June 2019 with a rural county of 45,000 residents by committing to assist with the development of a comprehensive collaborative opioid prevention, treatment and recovery plan for the county funded by a HRSA grant. 

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